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Make a Custom Background to really Personalize your Spirit Locket!


Hello Spirit Lockets Community!

My name is Amber Shell, I've been with Spirit Lockets for almost a month now! I just currently though started offering custom backgrounds to my customers. This blog is to show you all how to make them yourself in THREE EASY STEPS or if you don't have the time you can always get them done though www.facebook.com/designerdivagirls.

Step 1: Re-size and print out a photo to fit the locket size using an application such as Microsoft Paint. Large lockets have a 22mm interior diameter, or 18mm for a medium locket (for large lockets try resizing your image to 85x85 pixels). Once you print out a sample, you can use a Spirit Locket’s slide as a guide by just tracing it on the back or if you don’t have the slide, then you can make your own guide by cutting out a circle on a piece of paper. Please print this out for a pre-sized template with instructions.

Hint: A dime size would be a perfect fit for a medium locket and a nickel could be used for a large locket. Also, it’s good to start with a little larger than you think and trim it down to the right size.

Example: In the photo above I would want just our faces to fit so I want to make sure the photo is small enough that our faces would fit my locket size. For a large locket, resizing your image to 85x85 pixels works great!

Step 2: Use the guide you made in step 1 and trace or cut out the desired portion of your picture to match the size of your locket! Carefully cut out the photos to the size of the locket! (Here the metal background plate is shown, but you don’t have to have this as this was done by my friend).

Step 3: Add it to your locket! & add charms!

Hope this helps & good luck with your sales!

Here are some more examples:

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